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A reliable and fast-trackable warranty is the concern of all buyers. In Mehr Group, with just a direct phone call to the factory, dear customers from wherever they have purchased Mehr faucets can get the best possible warranty and after-sales service.


Mehr manufactured faucets with modern, luxurious and economical designs have always tried to cover the taste and economic power of all sections of the society.


Proper electroplating guarantees the transparency and brilliance of faucets over time, which depends on how much the faucet surface is covered by the precious nickel metal.
Shiralat Mehr has always paid special attention to the electroplating part of its products, therefore it guarantees the shine of its products during the years of operation.


The importance of water consumption today is not hidden from anyone, low-consumption and high-pressure aerators as well as first-class cartridges are prominent features of Mehr sanitary faucets.

An important point in buying faucets

A very important point in buying sanitary faucets, which cannot be recognized by the appearance of the product when buying, is the analysis of the alloy used in it, because if the basic standards are not met, including lead and iron in the product, it is produced. It causes dangerous diseases for consumers.
Mehr Sanitary Faucets considers this important in all its products and produces products with standard alloys and always puts the health of its respected customers as its priority.

Another important point is the standard thickness of sanitary faucet body to create resistance against cold and heat, impact, water pressure and bursting, which unfortunately some profit seekers in this market, in order to reduce the price and sell higher, this important and low-quality and cheap faucets are introduced into the market of sanitary faucets. Mehr Sanitary Faucets has always followed the necessary standards in this field in all stages of production of its products in order to provide a product with high quality, performance and longevity to its valued customers.

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With a 35-year history in a land of 5 thousand square meters, Mehr Big Valves has used all the production processes of sanitary valves, including casting, turning, polishing, electroplating, assembly and packaging, with advanced technology and machines to produce products with the desired quality. to provide to our esteemed customers.






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